Change System Tray Icon Padding

How do I reduce the icon size of applications minimized to the system tray?

What 'tray'? What 'task manager' applet? At least tell us what DE :wink:
(if your avatar is current I guess its Gnome? .. in which case also - any special extensions working?)

Yes, I'm using Gnome. I've tried using Status Area Horizontal Spacing, but it didn't have any effect when I tried changing the settings in it.

I also believe there's a configuration file that can be changed, but I would much rather prefer a GUI program.

Why would you want to reduce their size to begin with? Sounds like an XY Problem.

No, I was just saying the aformentioned program was something I tried but didn't work. I can probably change the padding via a configuration file, but I'm trying to find a GUI program or Gnome Intergration that will work on Manjaro.

Do you know one that works somewhere else ?

No. I used to use Ubuntu and some forks of it(Pop, Mint, Elemetary), but that was before I chose to completely adopt Linux over Windows, Manjaro specifically.

Your post title and first post ask two completely different things. Are you trying to change the icon size, the padding between them or both?

Sorry for the confusion -- I'm trying to change the padding size between icons in the system tray.

Because that extension is not updated to the new way the shell is in Gnome 3.36 ...

Is dependent of the Gnomes-Shell and the gnome shell theme you use. Unless the extension you tried is not updated, there is no other GUI, so you would have to modify the shell theme.

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I'll just wait(hopefully) for an extension update then.

You can follow this issue on GitLab: Request: Support for GNOME 3.36

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I have the same problem. While searching for solution, I have found this and it's works(temporary).

/usr/share/themes/Theme you use/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css

Change these 2 values and restart.

.panel-button {
    -natural-hpadding: 12px;
    -minimum-hpadding: 6px;

Kinda did what I wanted. Appears to have reduced padding in some icons, but not in others:

Mainly look at the Pamac Updater, Dropbox, and Caffeine icons. They appear to have just a smudge of spacing to them.

I set them both to 0 and I'm happy with the result. image

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