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instead of Kde and Xfce I have now installed the community based Cinnamon Desktop Version.
So far, everything works fine, but, I can't get along with the interface or the themes!
Some windows are bright, some, newly installed or even pre-installed programs start with a dark theme!
How can I change that? I'm searching for ages, but I can't find a way to change that!
I hate dark themes. Ask for help.

Thanks and greetings, Stefan

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Hello, there should be various theme options in the regular cinnamon themes dialogue (Menu>Settings>Themes). I haven't used the cinnamon version but there might be things you need to configure through kvantum if it is installed

You might find this older thread helpful! It's very thorough and detailed

My favourite themes were middling... meaning something like Ultimate Dark (Flat) Green. mint-x is a light grey - not too bright one I used to put on with misbehaving apps that put dark text on dark backgrounds.

It's also a simple job to do sudo nemo and move themes from /home/stevebiker/.themes (hit F3 for dual pane) across to /usr/share/themes to make sure root themes also match.

I find stock Manjaro a little dark, but Ultimate is a good balance of easy on the eye, not dark, not light.

Many thanks first of all for the answers!
The Menu themes dialogue (Menu>Settings>Themes)
I have found
Also kvantum. But don't bother to install a newly downloaded topic as generally valid!
There you can only change 5 settings, namely:
Window frame, icons, controls, mouse pointer and desktop.
In Kvantum Manager I find a lot of settings, but that's just trying around without preview!
This is much better solved in Kde.
I would like to document my problem with a screenshot, but there is no way to do that here!
By the way, I can't find Ultimate as a theme anywhere, not even for download. And if, how to install it as general, I don't know either. Or, another one!

In the thumbnail, the light grey corner is the 'dark' background. You can read dark and light text on it comfortably...

It looks better on Cinnamon than Gnome if you kill that stupid big dark titlebar with my


[/details] metacity-1 - you can adjust size by adjusting the fonts and colour often blends perfectly with the windows;)

Bolimage does a few of the nicer themes... but loves BIG titlebars.

I agree with you that KDE has some elegant theming issues - but Cinnamon's can be better when you get it right... and any theme you find, you simply download (or do 'ocs-install' to your /home/stevebiker/.themes and then sudo nemo and MOVE it to your /usr/share/themes... or copy it and mess around editing what's left in /home).

If you like LIGHTER, then search for Greybird - I liked Greybird-compact, Uploading: thumbnail.png...
NVM - I found an old timeshift - here's a

ZIP for .themes and/or /usr/share/themes

Thanks for the help. I will try to do my best!

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