Change to #manjaro IRC channel: registered nicks only

What's happening?

As part of an effort to enable moderation on the IRC channel we'll be making #manjaro accessible only to users who have registered their nick (display name/username) with Freenode.

Why is this needed?

While the vast majority of users on IRC are perfectly nice, occasionally a user will raise very off-topic and even offensive topics. These users often use foul language, and object to requests to take their perspectives elsewhere. This makes the channel unpleasant for everyone, and can even dissuade nice users from staying or coming back.

Why can't you just ban those users?

Channel bans operate on usernames/nicks and IP addresses. However:

  • A user is able to set whatever nick they want, so after a ban can easily rejoin with a slightly different nick;
  • Web IRC gateways and other proxies allow these users to connect from a different IP address.

This means any ban is currently ineffectual.

What will the change be?

On Freenode it's possible to register your nick. This ties the nick to an email address, and allows identification of that user (so e.g. they can reclaim their nick if someone else is using it).

After this change only users who have registered their nick will be able to access #manjaro. All other users will be redirected to another channel (#manjaro-unregistered) that will provide instructions on how to register.

How will this help?

Usually, trolls operate on the principal of pure anonymity. That is, they cannot be identified and as such there are no possible consequences to their actions.

By requiring registration, that pure anonymity does not exist, and instead there is pseudonymity. It's still not your real name, but the way you interact changes because it's your own account.

It's also possible to ban a registered nick: the user can't rapidly change nick and IP and keep on with their trolling.

Is this perfect?


  1. It raises the barrier for new users slightly. However, the registration process is a single command:
    /msg nickserv register password123
  2. Serious trolls can probably automate registration with temporary email accounts. However, drive-by trolls won't bother, and these are the main problem.

Where can I discuss this or make my views known?

For discussion please use the existing topic:

Please note that logging is not currently changing (as per the votes).


I'm not sure if I should do this comparative but xD , will it be like microsoft account on windows where they push you to register an email to login into the system?

No. It's like creating a Reddit account. One account for many "channels".

Just to make sure it's clear: you don't need to register with Freenode to use Manjaro, only to use the IRC channel (just like you registered to use the forum).

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then you should tell also how you can block /notice messages :slight_smile:

thats just like i thought , /mode yournickname +R

besides if people dont wanna registrate.. then forward to forum :slight_smile:

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I have registered nick since ages ;p

This change is now in effect.

Unregistered users are redirected to #manjaro-unregistered where information is provided on nick registration:

I'm having an issue with this. I have long time nicks registered with Freenode and am on other IRC channels like #calamares, and #openmandriva-cooker all the time.

What happens with #manjaro is that every time I start Quassel before I can login (like really quick) I get dumped to #manjaro-unregistered then when I'm logged in I am also then on #manjaro. This seems very odd to me. This is with #manjaro in the list of channels to start when I start up Quassel and with "Auto Identify" enabled. I am pretty sure I could not log in faster manually than "Auto Identify" does.

Is there any way around this?

Yes; set up your client to sign in with "SASL (username + password)" authentication and use your normal username and identify password.

It is set up to do that.

Edit: You idiot no it isn't. SASL is right below what you are currently using.

Edit-2: Thanks @jonathon I got it fixed. Maybe learnt a tiny little thing too.


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