`check-aur` and `create-template` in startup (GNOME)

I just noticed that I have two known things in my Tweaks > Startup Applications list. One is check-aur which is in /usr/bin and doesn't respond to any input or command-line arguments; the other is create-template, which uses the same icon as the Files application (GNOME version of Manjaro).

Does anyone know what these two things are and what they do?

I see that they're both scripts; the former gives some sort of warning about using AUR, and the latter creates some sort of template for the desktop?

You can use pacman -Fs <file> to search for a file to see what package it's a part of; i.e.,

$ pacman -Fs check-aur
community/manjaro-aur-support 0.6-3

As you see there, check-aur is part of the manjaro-aur-support package. You'll only see it pop up once when you enable AUR support. You can see what it does here.

Now your turn. Try the command with create-template. :wink:


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