Check out Microsoft’s new package manager!

Yes, but you're not suppose to turn around and sell your fork which by having it in Win 10 is exactly what MicroD_ck is doing.

I am not a Microsoft supporter by any stretch of the imagination but there are tons of companies monetizing open source software. There is nothing that prevents that and it isn't even uncommon.

For example, every commercial Linux distro does this.

My point is Microsoft wined, dined, and dry humped them then proceeded to take what else they wanted. You can bet the original creator(s) won't even see any credit for their work much less any money.

First, you only have one side of the story. Second, it less likely that it was a malicious attempt to steal software and more likely that it was due to corporate bureaucracy or some other factor.

While I agree that credit should have been given, the nature of open source software is that you are allowing someone else the potential to profit from it.

We aren't going to agree on this cause Microsoft has a long history of stealing others works.

Can you please donate to the dual-booters support group? We need money for therapy. It’s traumatizing to have to boot Windows. :laughing:

On a more serious note, knowing the best of both worlds does help you with a variety of issues. If you’re on a legacy machine for example you can use the CLI to tell M$ to keep its hands off of GRUB. Just an example.

Why am I not surprised?

Here is the credit:

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I wasn't aware that @gohlip had finally set up an official support channel for that dreadful affliction. If it's tax deductible I'll be sure to send in a donation. :smile:

Long time Linux users more correctly refer to this as "enabling".


And I refer to your post as being ignorant, cause it is the computer users business which OS they choose to use and NO ONE else. As for helping them fix issues I will not just leave them hang just because they're running Windows which is what your post suggest I do.

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Don't confuse friendliness with hidden agendas and intent.


A good point. Forgot EEE is a thing.


Some guys don't make friends with other guys to be friendly with the other guys. They want the other guy's girlfriend or whatever.


The ruthlessness and selfishness displayed here by the employees of Microsoft is not unique to that company. It is in the DNA of any corporation. Keivan Beigi is neither the first nor the last to get burnt. I hope his case can serve as a lesson for everyone else that otherwise would become shafted by MS now that it has started Window's transition to Linux.
I wonder if Beigi can tag 'Andrew' as a ■■■■■■■ on Linkedin?

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Interesting article and why I'm still extremely skeptical with their involvement WSL and they're partnership with Canonical. . .

Seems like they are still embracing and extinguishing, but hey at least they are acknowledging their victims these days, so I guess there's that.


Macarena is not actually a dance to brag about for wining into a contest, and is not actually music either. Is just a song that Microsoft is ace to sing and people sing and dance along with, or be against.


It's for Windows 10 anyway.

I wonder what this will mean for chocolatey.

For those wondering, chocolatey is already a pretty decent "package manager" for windows that downloads installation EXEs along with a powershell script and installs them directly from the command prompt without any pesky GUIs showing up to slow you down.

I don’t think it means anything really. It is competition for Chocolatey, but I don’t think it will put them under. There is a lot of stuff in Chocolatey’s repo that is not in the MS store. I know since I’m a Choco user myself.

Keep in mind most Windows users don’t use a package manager for software installation. I think most people who use Choco will stay loyal.

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