Checkout TOMAHAWK Player - Best Music Player PERIOD!

Title says it all ...
Cross-Plaform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Tomahawk is a free, open-source cross-platform music player for Windows, MacOS and Linux. An Android client is currently in beta. It focuses on the conglomeration of the user's music library across local and network collections as well as streaming services.

Sadly development is mostly dead and for me there are too many missing things and bugs that'll never be fixed

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I use Audacious :smiley:

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Why reinvent the wheel? VLC can do all of that, is cross platform even works on Android, and is rock stable. The only thing it doesn't do is cloud streaming.


At the end it is always a question of personal taste.... I am glad you like Tomahhawk. I never could be used to it. For me Cantata is the best. PERIOD. :innocent:


Cantata rocks! I use it to tune in my favorite internet radio stations, but for everything else I use VLC.


So tired of "Best PERIOD!" without the words "For Me" or "Best for Me".
Sorry just bad mood today I guess. Just so many titles about OS,Distro and Apps using it.

It's great when someone finds the Best Player for them.
Not so great to make it out as a Global One for All. As so many powerful options out there.

Happy with my Clementine and best for me presently.
That could change in the future as my needs & wants change.


I guess the most important outcome is that you, as user, find the player you love and enjoy. In the Linux world it is all about having a choice :smiley:


Well I tried Lollypop which was terrific until it crapped during an upgrade.
Found Tomahawk as my new All-In-One Audiophile player.

VLC is fine for video >> But I Never use it for Audiophile Recordings!
I completely separate Audio Music from Video and Movies.
They are different categories completey !!!

Life is Good on Manjaro


But for the end, imho "too much choice kill the choice" particularly for newcomer in linux..?
& you'll never know what i use for music ! :wink:

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I also like to have separate applications for audio and video. It's some sort of intangible habit: mplayer for video, audacious/mpd/sonata/cantata/amarok for audio :slight_smile:
So many choices!

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You damm normies. Obviously mpsyt is the best player PERIOD.


This is true and is why Linux distros should always choose great default applications :slight_smile:
I was most impressed with Manjaro's from the get-go.

I'm already happy with Clementine/Cantata/Guayadeque/Deadbeef/Madrigal :slight_smile:

VLC is one of the few with configurable ALSA output :slight_smile:

tomahawk is a nice player, but for me the best one was MIRO still did not find anything to replace it sad.

Tomahawk was a CPU hog on all my rigs. Currently using Cantata very low RAM and CPU usage, lots of features.

You obviously have never tried Deadbeef player!!

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So it looks likes Tomahawk is totally useless for everyone.

Did anyone here mention that it's OPEN SOURCE.
I suppose OPEN SOURCE Applications are totally useless to Linux Geeks too.
I see it's not hard to find Bitches in the forum.

You obviously don't read

Relax yourself, there is no need to scream all around "best app ever" and "open source"

By the way, I mentioned that Vlc, Clementine, Cantata, Guayadeque, Deadbeef, Madrigal, mps-youtube, mpd, Miro, Audacious, Sonata, Amarok, Rhythmbox, Banshee, Gnome music, Gmusicbrowser, LXmusic, Noise player and cmus are open source?

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I apologize.

You have an excellent list of Audio Music Players Lolix and I did previously mention that I use dedicated music players whereas VLC does double duty as a video player.


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