chob - a commandline package manager for the 'Universals' (appimage,snap,flatpak)

Chob is an helper tool for searching application accross platforms (Flathub, Snapcraft and AppImage)

So basically this is like the pacman to your pamac.
Or more specifically the chob to your bauh.
Or however you wanna put it.
Fair note - this looks like a young project and I have not used it.
Simply sharing so others can take a look.

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Except that Pamac is actually usable in CLI too. :smile:

Oh sure, now that there (and has been for a while) pamac-cli, but you still got the point :wink:

Have you tried topgrade, @cscs? It handles updating about everything...normal repos, AUR, flatpak, snapd, firmware (fwupd), etc. Uses yay/pacman as 'helpers.' I've been using it 6 mos. or so and like it very muchly. :slight_smile:



It used to build from source, but I guess node v13 is too new for it anymore. The binary works fine, however.

I'm with @c00ter, I use topgrade exclusively now. However, I don't use any of that snapflatcraftpak crap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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