Chromium browsers cannot be run on mate

Why any chromium browser cannot be run on mate in Manjaro v18?
I installed ungoogled chromium, and chrome browser by instruction,
all get installed perfectly without any error but also all are not launched
How to solve it ?

Did you follow that article? It's 2 years old, and if you installed it that exact way, there's a really good chance it doesn't work anymore with outdated packages.

Just go into your update manager, make sure AUR permissions are setup, and search the AUR for Google chrome and let it install from there.

The guide instructs manual build from current AUR page. So it should be good.
I think the issue here is OP installed Manjaro 18, which is quite old.
(and possibly hasnt updated? .. big update it would be too)

@abd why did you use an outdated ISO version ? Your current install might be update-able .. but you probably want a current installation media.

I missed that. Version 18? I'm actually impressed. That's way more likely the cause.

How update M.18 the best, easiest way by not reinstalling via usb ?

If I were you .. I would drop to TTY ( Ctrl+Alt+F3 )

Then do this, hope, pray, and deal with any manual intervention (like .pacnew files etc)..

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
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in truth, how many percents are chance in the success ?

No one can give a true answer to that question. But going from v18 to current, you're going to have a ton of package updates.

I would say there is an over 70% chance you will need to make some fixes by hand.
If you are willing to roll with those .. I would say there is around 90% chance of success.

But those are certainly just random numbers that I subjectively pulled out of nowhere.

Also be aware that I do not follow Mate changes/updates .. so there may be some specifics that have happened over the year or so of updates.

For what its worth .. see also most recent Mate release ISO:

How long ago did you install this Manjaro MATE setup? Is this an old installation you have never updated, or is this a new installation of a very old download?

Wierd it must be indeed as entering TTY ie. "backstage terminal" has caused my system failure in the OS next startup because i tried to exit of it in vain, then i reinstalled without format (keep all data intact) and restart Manjaro 18 up again then... just click on google chrome sudenly it launched outright perfectly

How ?

I am not sure I understand?

You started update in TTY, and it didnt finish, but you exited.
Then as expected the system was broken.
So then you reinstalled over your existing installation (preserving home?).

it is why said:
Wierd it must be indeed

I would strongly urge you to update. Manjaro 18 is wildly out of date still, and Manjaro works much better/smoother/with less bugs if you follow the scheduled updates.

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