Cinnamon "Failed to start session" but I need to write on right place suggest

Hi guys.
You know cinnamon doesn't like new versions. I run across this problem on mint sometimes unfortunately.

But I don't know what to do about this problem now.

So problem not only doesn't start also control +alt +F1 functions works but I can't enter any key. Cursor not blink.

2020-04-27 15.58.47

tag for search:Failed to start session on cinnamon manjaro

So I am a fan of Cinnamon. :fearful:
I think it's highly related to the cinnamon community. :roll_eyes:
I want to write this error and another error there. But I need help with the right place cause
I only able to find an applet community on my search
there is a Gitlab address below the page. I think this is wrong place :smiley:

Do you have any suggestions?

Can you enter another tty (console mode) and try to find out what is on the journalctl? Try journalctl -b or journalctl -b | grep cinnamon

Unfortunately, I installed another desktop due to don't have hope of an exit :face_with_head_bandage:

But how can able to access another tty console? Is there another? but wait what is this
These guys amazing

Thank you for so good hint

There are about 7 (don't remember how many exactly) or more tty. you can press ctrl+alt+f1, ctrl+alt+f2, ... up to ctrl+alt+f7. Afaik, cinnamon by default use tty7, but for some reason, tty1 is also not usable at least in manjaro. Usually I go to tty2 to fix my graphical issue by pressing ctrl+alt+f2.

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