Cinnamon laggy window dragging when compositor VSync is enabled

Hi all, I've been fighting this annoying issue ever since I moved to Cinnamon DE.
Basically what happens is that when I have an arbitrary window (Nemo for ex.) over another window which utilizes GPU acceleration (Steam/Discord) and try to drag it back and forth, its super laggy, almost like 5 fps or so.
I found out that the VSync compositor setting is to blame for it:
However disabling it obviously leads to screen tearing.
Does anybody have a clue if this can be dealt with somehow?

Where do you get that value from?

From experience :slight_smile:

This is too imprecise for me :smiley:

Okay lets say its visibly the opposite of smooth.

Alright so I was able to resolve this by disabling inbuilt VSync and enabling the composition pipeline in NV settings.

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