Cinnamon trouble

  1. There is a GUI for it called Disks or in Pamac: gnome-disk-utility.
    You can format or even create a USB live distro by it (not with all distros).
    If you mean in Nemo, I guess you can't.
  1. In the settings find the Privacy icon and enable 'Remember recently accessed files'.

Ah, just figured out how to add right-click menu items to Nemo. It takes a bit of handiwork, but together with the gnome-disk-utility, you can make a 'Format USB stick' menu item yourself :slight_smile:

Start here for instructions:

There is another example on the second part of this page (scroll down):

In Mint for USB formatting and ISO writing they use a custom developed program called "mintstick". It's available in the AUR and provides 2 programs: usb stick formatter and usb image writer. Nemo in Mint has a custom menu entry that calls upon that program, which I'm sure with the linked page you provided you could easily add in your own custom entry. I use Mintstick in Manjaro Cinnamon and Arch XFCE, it runs great and has never let me down. I never bothered with the custom entry in Nemo, but I do have one in Thunar for a quick launching of Mintstick within XFCE.


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