Cleanjaro project is discontinued

The Cleanjaro project has been discontinued:

The Cleanjaro developers point to Endeavour OS, Arch or Archfi as an alternative.
If you have an Cleanjaro install or migrated your install, but you want to remain on Manjaro I suggest you remove the Cleanjaro repos from the repo list and replace all Cleanjaro packages with Manjaro packages. You have to revert all steps to migrate from Manjaro to Cleanjaro, see also the section
Converting Cleanjaro back to Manjaro of this post, it describes the procedure for the KDE edition, but should basically apply to other editions as well:


As expected at the outset of this 'project' .. its basically just trolling by self-important brats.
Why do we want to promote this unfounded garbage ?

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I think there are some people here who used this spin or this kernel. I think these users should be informed about it and offered the steps to convert back to Manjaro (which is actually more easy than their proposal). Otherwise I think their systems will break at some point, as their kernels are not updated.
I just wanted to stay as neutral as possible while relaying this information. That's why I included their proposal.


Fair enough.
Its just ... you know .. someone who cant manage their own system makes a 'cleanjaro' spin .. as in 'manjaro is unclean' .. throws up iso's once, realizes they dont know what they are doing, blame manjaro, and then make some random claims about security or stability without any explanation.
Not the kind of thing I would want to rely on in the first place .. but yeah sure, those duped by it should be given options :wink:


They will make other distro based on Arch and in few weeks they will cancel it.... let kids playing.


Well, it is over now.

Thanks for providing the instructions and information @firefightux. Definitely important people are notified.


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