Hi everyone,
my request starts from a problem that I've always had: notes.
You know, you install gnome and start using gnome-notes (or whatever it is called), but maybe some time later you can give a try to kde, for example. You're all happy of your new installation, BUT you've got a thought in your head and you don't know what it is, before you try to find your notes. Goodbye notes. Because you make a backup of everything on your laptop, but not notes.

And, other problem, if you are looking for something you don't seem to start with "Goo" and finish with "gle", there are very few ways to sync notes with your phone.

All these words to say: I've found this note manager called Clipto which is actually perfect and it's under a very meaningful development. I leave here the link to github:

You can find it to give a try on the AUR at

You can decide if sync online your notes or simply use it as an offline note editor, and it has a lot of really cool features.

Some not requested thoughts:

  • it could be nice to see it preinstalled
  • why not start a collaboration?

I see it has an AppImage as it's default Linux client.

And I see (from the AUR page) that it's using a custom license, which probably restricts the distribution of the binary. I haven't read the license, but that's usually the case with custom licenses.
Don't think we would be allowed to distribute it, unless we get written permission from the developers.

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When I used note apps since gnome2, I always made sure that the notes folder was uploaded to my Dropbox - so take a look at that.

I'm the AUR package maintainer, by the way.

Be aware: unless there’s an obvious need (or e.g. the package is unique) the answer will probably be “no”, and especially so if it’s already in the AUR.

There's also a browser version:

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