Closing unsolved topics by inactivity is not a good idea.

Hi all,

I'm new in this community, so sorry if missing a previous discussion but I couldn't find a good answer to my question/proposal in this forum.

Since I've started using Manjaro 1 month ago, I've been using this forum to solve some problems. The community is great, and there are many solutions here. However, I found several threads closed without solving the problem. Apparently this is due an inactivity of 30 days. I found the solution for these problems somehere else, and when I try to contribute with the solution here, I need to open another thread. I think this is not a good idea, and threads should be closed without solution, even if takes 1 year to find someone contributing with the solution. I don't know the reasoning behind this policy, but I think it dis-encourage participation, and also generates noise leading to the duplication of threads.

It would be possible to change this policy?

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You would have to ask the admins, really, this post belongs under #meta so I will move it there. The reason topics close after a set period of time is to prevent people from "bumping" posts that may have outdated info back to the top of the queue. For example, you wouldn't want to get information on a Manjaro release from 4 years ago, which could be vastly different from the present day, at the top of the feed. The general idea is that you search for an answer before making a post, but this is not 100% fool proof. Hence why new posts sometimes have to be made.

If you have created an unsolved topic that has timed out and you would like to re-open it, you can flag that topic, choose other for the reason, and state you would like to re-open the topic for further discussion. Please be conservative with this though, as it is impolite to annoy the admins/mods with dozens of requests. Do not flag topics for reopening that are not your own.


Got you. Thanks for your answer.


Another reason for this may be, that Manjaro is a rolling release distribution. Even if an issue may sound exactly like the one you are having, 6 months later a lot of updates and version changes happened, so that the root cause may be a completely different one. So it makes more sense to create a new topic to discuss.

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It also stops spammers, a standard spammer tactic is to post on old posts to gain the requisite number of posts, then they hit.

Also stops necro-bumping.


In my opinion, it would be ideal if it could be different on different subforums. For some things, it makes perfect sense for threads to get locked after 30 days of inactivity, for others it does not...

Quality topics belonging to categories like tutorials and showcase stuff, as well as rants and raves, and general discussions not related to a particular issue would be better in my opinion if they stayed open forever and could be necro-bumped. Low-quality topics are locked manually by moderators anyway.

On the other hand, things like specific technical issues from, say, six months ago should never be revived, so there it makes perfect sense to lock them automatically.

If it cannot be handled on a per-subforum basis, I think in the case of Manjaro Forum, it is better to keep it as it is, because most of the topics here get outdated pretty quickly. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I believe that is how it already works?

Newbies sub-forum is 30 days.

Technical issues is 6 months.

Not sure about the rest of the sub-forums.

Supposably, 90 day from the last post. But I seen three year old thread not being locked up automatically.

Yes it is strange, it seems some old posts slip through the cracks.

It is so annoying when someone necro's a 3 year old thread with some lame comment.

My only guess for this to happen. Is when the forum is getting a update. Witch temporarily disabled the hole forum.

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