Cloud syncing on Pinebook-Pro


I'm looking for a way to sync files to and from a cloud storage service, such as Mega, or pcloud, with the Pinebook Pro running KDE? (I can't find a version for the Pinebook architecture.)

Can anyone make any suggestions please?

Currently I'm using Syncthing between computers at home.


Pretty sure that Mega and PCloud are commercial platforms, so you will have to hear the companies if they have an aarch64 version of their software.

They have versions for Rasbian 9 & 10...

Which is armv7h. So wrong architecture.

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Find a cloud storage service that supports WebDAV or have an official Linux client. Then sync via WebDAV or use their official client. For official client, they will have to build specifically for the architecture.

I believe the Pinebook-Pro is ARMv8-A.


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