cnijfilter2 5.90-1 Won't Install

I have a Canon Pixma TR4527 printer that was working but now is not working for printing. Scanning still functions properly. I tried to install this driver with pamac but I get the following message:

pamac2020-07-18 11-00-20

Suggested fixes please.

The error is at some point above where you cut. Post the full output as text into a pastebin-type site, and link to it here.

You could also try using makepkg instead of Pamac.

Sorry. Here is the output (very long) on pastebin:

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Technically that should be done in the prepare() function, but for a quick fix... :man_shrugging:

So I would have to use makepkg to do that instead of pamac.

Not sure - Pamac might have an "edit PKGBUILD before build" option?

(I don't use Pamac - pacman + aurutils for me... :grin:)

Pamac does have an edit PKGBUILD option. Where do I drop in that additional code?

It's kind of already in the post above... I don't think I can explain it better than what's already there, you just have to look for the correct bit of text.

OK. I found the place, dropped in the code and got this output:

Never mind. I figured out my typo error. It now installed correctly from pamac. Thanks for you help and patience.

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