COD 2 (2005) Black Screen

Ok, I installed COD 1 (2003) and COD 2 (2005) using wine COD 1 Works absolutely fine but When I run COD 2 SP/MP it just shows Black Screen and stays like that can anyone tell how to fix that.


Manjaro XFCE 64bit
Pentium D
HP Compaq DC7600 CMT
2 GB Ram.

What is COD?

And wine may be missing some libraries.

Call of Duty. :slight_smile:

I thought it was similar to

  • GirlFriend 1
  • Wife 1
  • GirlFriend 2


if that was the case then COD 1 shouldn't have worked either

esync is the issue apparently.
Google is your friend (Who collects your data).

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I did google this but all I found was black screen error on windows 10

I don't own COD 2 on steam i installed it via CD

lutris has installers for COD2 cd version

There's no problem in installation it was successfully completed though.

lutris does more than just install it, it also pulls in the needed tweaks and wine versions known to work for each particular game. it's also infinitely better than playonlinux.

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okay I give it a try
and see what happens

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