collecting feedback on Amlogic vdec

I've been fiddling around with the amlogic vdec driver with my X92 box (S912 based) with the latest testing version of manjaro.

The reason for this thread is the results top is spitting out.

h.264 sample 720p50 mp2 audio, mpeg TS container gives the following loading:

mpv video.m2t - 250-260%

mpv --hwdec=auto video.m2t - 115-130%

On the positive side, YAY it's working!

But then just coming down to half, still remaining well above a single core?

With VLC I didn't get any success, never seen anything below 185% regardless the video codec input and the video out mode set. Just VLC has less dropped frames and a better A/V sync than mpv.

Maybe domeone has tried other things or maybe some other results?

Interested to hear your experience.

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Apologies for reading this so late, Was not quite active on the forum.
Can you share what you did when fiddling around with vdec?

From my little knowledge of amlogic vdec the drivers are already there in the kernel but ffmpeg needs to have v4l2_m2m support for the application to make use of the vdec.

I will be happy to test what you have done and see if we can work together on getting video decoding to work on Manjaro.

Thank you for your post.

Sorry I was also away from the s912 for a while now, so don't exactly remember what all I tried, but I doubt it was very substantial, for sure it didn't involve any compiler :wink:

Basically I was trying several players and settings to test the status quo of the image and the pkg repo at the time.

My conclusion was kind of something happens when forcing the vdec, but not exactly the amount of CPU workload drop as I would have expected.

Unfortunately the deeper I'm trying to dig myself into the guts of the code the more I realise that I didn't do anything in this direction for many years and that it all is a bit more complex than bare metal MCU coding...

Looking forward to support you wherever I can to improve the situation!

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