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I hope the future will be kind to you people! I love you all! Been using your distro and it was my first ever distro I used where I had no Windows install! May the test of time be kind!


Will Manjaro stay open source and GNU license and all that? I'd hate to see it turn into another Ubuntu (remember when they sold your in-OS searches to amazon?)


I cheer this, go Manjaro!


outstanding move


I think it's a great step and I'm very happy and excited for the Manjaro team. :partying_face:

I also spy a Manjaro phone. Can I have that please? :wink:


I trust you to hold true to your roots, so i'd like to congratulate and salute you! :slight_smile:

I understand that there will be negative voices that fear a sell-out (which i can totally understand), but i hope the future will prove these fears and doubts wrong ^^


Definitely seems like an interesting move. Best of luck.

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I think it's a good move. Best of luck! Love Manjaro :green_heart:



The team is aware of this and it won't happen. Not as long as I'm here, at least.


It is an outstanding move . i'm excited to see what the future reserves for this distro

Das klingt alles sehr vielversprechend. Ich freue mich für Euch und für uns als User über diesen Schritt. Das gibt uns das Gefühl von mehr Sicherheit, was das Fortbestehen von Manjaro betrifft. Dass Manjaro den Weg von Ubuntu gehen könnte, fürchte ich eher weniger, denn die Entwickler sind hier mit viel mehr Enthusiasmus bei der Arbeit!

viele Grüße aus Sachsen, Scruggs :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this is a good move for the Manjaro team. It will provide legitimacy and flexibility to them. They will be able to grow the organization and utilize new revenue streams.

Not everything will be roses. This change will lead to the POTENTIAL for abuse. What I mean is Manjaro is strong because the community is strong. It will be tempting to put the new company before the needs/wants/desires of the community. In some cases that will make sense and they do it now, but with a corporate structure behind the team, it will be easier to do when not vital.

All in all, I think this will help make Manjaro more mainstream; if they can stave off the temptation to chase the buck. (see post 2 in this thread)


I see that exact phone now a few times, is there any hidden secret about that?


Could someone explain who the whole team is?

Are all team members shareholders?

This means at least that the donated money has decreased by at least 12.500 €.
It's for a good cause. Of course.

Is it still possible to buy shares? :slight_smile:


Very interesting news indeed.
Now to get the next refreshed image finally done :smiley:

The team is aware of this and we've taken steps (e.g. the new fiscal host arrangement) to ensure independence of the Manjaro project from Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG.


Sensible move guys. I'm confident you'll grow into a recognizable name like Ubuntu and Red Hat!

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also auf Deutsch... respekt! :wink: Viel Glück!

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The whole team is (currently) these twelve people:

Philip Müller
Guillaume Benoit
Stefano Capitani
Bernhard Landauer
Jonathon Fernyhough
Frede Hundewadt
Matti Hyttinen
Vitor Lopes
Josh Crowder
Dan Johansen
Helmut Stult
Manuel Barrette

There are no shareholders; Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG is a privately-run company founded and owned by Phil and Bernhard.

Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG is an independent entity from the Manjaro project.

No donations went into forming the company - the donations are "ring-fenced" for the Manjaro project and will not be used by Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG which has to find its own route to financial sustainability.


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