Compton Memory Leak


Coming back to my office with a 10d uptime on my computer, I noticed that Compton uses now 937 MiB memory... Seems a LOT!

Screenshot with details on my setup:


Anyone knows if there is problems with Compton lately?

EDIT: for the amount of memory have a look at the Conky display at upper right...

Please post text output as text. A full-screen image tells most people very little and is incredibly difficult to read.

For example, inxi -Fxxz provides very detailed system information and something like sudo ps_mem would provide a detailed breakdown of memory usage by process.

In this case, just because conky is reporting a process "using" a lot of RAM doesn't mean the memory is "lost" or "unrecoverable". For example, what sort of memory is in use? Is it resident? Is it shared? Is it cache?

Now - you might have found a memory leak in Compton, or it could be in your graphics driver, or it could be in the DE, or the toolkit, or the theme engine, or...


Agreed, logs please @charlesll.

Sorry, yes I should have put the output of ps_mem...

I rebooted my system so now it is pointless.

I will log the memory values each day for 10 days used by Compton, and report after this.

Best, C.

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To close this thread, after 20d of uptime, the problem did not repeat. So I guess this was a one time thing, no problem of memory leak to report here.

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