Computer keeps auto locking while watching Netflix

I checked all the settings the computer should not be locking up but it keeps locking while watching Netflix ever five mins or so. Any idea ?

Which desktop environment?
If you use KDE, go to System Settings -> Desktop behavior -> Screen lock and disable it
In Energy settings you can disable or modify if/when the screen turns off or goes dark

  • I'm using a German version; so names may differ

For other DEs you can try cafeine to auto or manually prevent screensaver. The name might be different, I am off my PC.


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For XFCE if you have the power manager applet set to display in the panel, you just right click it and hit "Presentation Mode". Though if you have something like xscreensaver installed, this won't work.

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Caffeine is a good choice. At least I tested it in Gnome, KDE, Xfce and also Deepin DE. It works well.
Your can simple installed with

yaourt -S caffeine-ng

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