Confused installing wifi

I have Installed Manjaro Deepin on an external SSD and it looks great, but I can not get the Wi-Fi running. I have Installed the driver according to indications that I found on the internet with the yaourt broadcom command, choosing from the list the driver number that matches the Kernel 4.19.28 but after doing reboot I could not find any list of networks. Try installing another driver from the list, but it does not work either. Now I have two drivers but none works.
I need explicit help because I am a newbie in the subject and an older person. Thank you.

Please return the output from

inxi -Fxxxz

(and use the </> button to wrap the text)

It will take me a moment because the installation is in another computer

Sorry, we need to know what device you have exactly, what drivers are actually in use, etc.

You can always use a service like pastebin and share the link.

I understand, but I can not find a way to pass it to my computer and that is why I have to transcribe everything by hand, word by word.
If you tell me which is the part that interests me, I will be able to do it faster.
Thank you

I suppose I want to know kernel, and mostly just
inxi -Nx

Can't you take a picture and upload it to imgur from your working machine?

Well I have copied the short part of inix -Nn

Device-1: Broadcom and subsidiaries BCM4322 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless LAN

vendor: Apple Airport Extreme driver: wl v: kernel port: 2280

bus ID: 02:00.0

Device-2: Broadcom and subsidiaries NetExtreme BCM5764M Gigabit Ethernet PCIe

driver: tg3 v: 3.137 port: 2280 bus ID: 03:00.0

That output text can be copied in a text file, transferred over network or USB Stick, images are nor searchable :slight_smile:
Probably this by @cscs will help

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The dude already said he has no means to transfer it, dude. He has no notwork (duuh) and I suppose no USB Sticks around, nobody would go around typing outputs.

He has network since he is replying to us, the cable is not that hard to connect ... Anyway, don't get warmed up, dude :slight_smile:


Well, I tried to use a USB but did not recognize it, so try to do it by hand. I will try to do the installation as you recommend, but only tomorrow because here it is late at night and as I told you I am an elderly person. I'll tell you what happened tomorrow.
Thanks for your help

I wish I had a facepalm emoji sometimes...

Did he ever said his current computer/desktop is using a cable? Did he even said he's posting from a computer? Smartphones are a thing for some time now (that's how I used to debug my setup on arch btw)... I myself only use wifi since I live in a uni dorm.

I swear to god, after Undertale the Linux community is the most patronizing thing I've ever found, thanks god it's getting better in the past 4 years or so.

that implies he has more than one computer, and he was typing from it.

Good for you. Now show your experience here on the forum and i will believe you. :wink:

A YES and NO will suffice, no need for that.

It seems you do that right now.

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OP, did you install ?
I can't find anything named "broadcom" only in AUR, did you saw what yaourt installed?

EDIT: oh, back when I had a broadcom some years ago I usually needed run modprobe for it to work, try runing "modprobe wl" and see if something happens.

Well, I have tried with the proposed commands but with no success. Only for a very short moment I get a list of networks but disappeared after doing reboot.

Try modprobe wl but nothing happens.
On the other hand, you propose to install the package from archlinux, but unfortunately I do not know how to do it and I need a specific explanation

Well, i pointed you to that post, with the solution, but you should look at the entire tread :slight_smile: so you understand what was done prior to those commands and what alternatives there are for the same wifi card.

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I'm sorry but I do not understand what you mean by the "entire tread". I saw your proposal and that of another person, but in general I do not see any concrete proposal to help me activate the wifi. Now I have passed the page of this forum to Firefox in Manjaro and I can put everything that seems necessary to know what is the situation with the drivers that I have installed. You must understand that I am not a professional in Linux and then I need precise instructions. What I see is that here several people write what they see but without having real notion of things. I would like to know if there is a specific tutorial that teaches how to install wifi.
Manjaro seems to me a very good distro, and for me it is very important from the ideological point of view, but also ... it must work!
Thanks for your help

It means that someone with the same issue made a help request like you did, and that post has more information. If you prefer that someone will copy and paste the same thing here, then we have a "different" issue :slight_smile: If you read that post and you follow those instructions you can report back, so we don't go trough it again, and look for something else.

Linus Torvalds is professional in linux world (as an example), and even his precise instructions go over others head :slight_smile:

Oh wow ... Prior you provided the wifi model, nobody could guess what the problem is, there are hundreds of possibilities. Once you provided that information you expected more concise instructions but you didn't read the entire discussion i pointed out.
I perfectly understand that

but, to be honest, is irrelevant in this discussion.

Yes, there is one here

That model of wifi is a pain and nobody has all the answers for it.

And why is this a particularity and mentioned here? We all have jobs and have to work :slight_smile:

Moved from #technical-issues-and-assistance to #newbies as it might require more assistance.

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