Confusion over Transmission ufw rules applied

Transmission rules applied are:

51413                      ALLOW       Anywhere                  
51413 (v6)               ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)

Is it just safe enough?
And is that still an issue?

What kind of safe are you looking for?

What do you think these rules do?

I think you should take the link I mentioned into consideration first.
Apparently that was why I questioned.

Then the answer is of course no. And one of the reasons I asked you what do you think these ufw rules do. Because it is kind of important that you understand what the output of ufw status shows and what it means.

The correct fix for the problem form the link you posted is to disable DHT in Transmission.

It doesn't seem like a commonly known and/or fixed security issue with transmission by now. Although the article is about 3 years old.
I couldn't find its discussion over the web ever since.

Either it's kind of NOT an issue. Maybe just fuss.
Or we're all ignorant simpleminded people ))) Which I doubt.

Turning dht off does not sound reasonable for above mentioned narrative.

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