Confusion reigns during BIOS upgrade

Having issues wanted to flash the bios
Downloaded/created bootable USB with bios upgrade file on it.

The Dell instructions are simple enough, but when I get to where I need to select the update file, there are 3 of them:


When I look inside the downloaded .exe file, I find these:

FlsHook.exe - 42.4 kB
FWUpdLcl.exe - 225.6 kB
H2OFFT-Wx64.exe - 915.5 kB

and 10 other files.

How do I tell which file in the update is which?
arg! What am I missing?

did you try fwupd. If your laptop boot in UEFI and not too old. DELL support this way and maybe you can update your bios within linux.

You really should check Dell support before you actually go and :brick: your machine.

Don't really want to play "Monty Hall" - "file # 0, file # 1, or file #3" - I don't think I'll get a second chance with it....snork.

Even though it's under warranty supposedly, Dell support wants more money to troubleshoot ... Let's not go there.
I'm following the instructions directly from the Dell site - but they don't mention the issue I encountered, nor is it coming up searching elsewhere at Dell.

I'm looking to identify what's up here - I'm not going in like a bull-in-a-china-shop
(oh, wait, yes I am, like the ones on that Mythbusters episode.)

If i pick one and bork the BIOS, then what do I do?

like as I told you.. try fwupd.
Dell participate in LVFS system.

it need you computer to be install with UEFI mode..
you can try it. check the list of supported dell machine (may not be complete)

Apologies - I'm just nervous about this cuz how do I get the machine back if the bios upgrade borks it?
And the machine is not on that list, which is why I'm doing it through the motherboard's BIOS upgrade.

Please try to explain why there's 3 files showing in the upgrade program, but there's 13 on the USB. I need to know. I do not go fearlessly and blindly into the dark.

Perhaps you can share the link to the instructions?

Also, I'm confused as to how this relates to Manjaro and why you're posting here instead of maybe a Dell forum? You might get better instruction going to a more appropriate forum with people who are more familiar with Dell BIOS.

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  1. Flash BIOS update If the system is not already plugged into a power outlet, plug it in now
  2. Reboot the system, and press F12 at the Dell splash screen. The One-time boot menu (Figure 4) appears. Figure 4 : One Time Boot Menu
  3. Select the option to BIOS Flash Update.
    3. Navigate to your USB disk and select the BIOS you downloaded.

This is the problem line:
there are 3 files - which one?

If Dell isn't telling you which file to use then try motherboard manufacturer support.

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