conky not starting automatically at startup XFCE, I3

after some of the latest updates I noticed that conky is not showing during the initial XFce update...
Although if I call it manually ( in the terminal shell) it work as expected ...

Already checked the XFCE Settings Manager - Session and Startup but with no sucess ...
How do I add it conky up to the XFCE startup again ?

I also noticed that several entries in the Startup and Session are disabled but I am not able to remove them (?) via the interface .
Where are those entries being populated ? how can I remove them ?

For conky - due to it's nature I find it better to have a script that gets run at startup:

 if pgrep -x "conky"
    then killall conky
        conky -d -c ~/Admin/conky/network.conky

And as it only runs 5 minutes, I can run that script with a shortcut any time I want to show/hide conky.

Run that script in your terminal and see what it reports... don't forget to edit the paths.

I don't know why some items are disabled as I'm using KDE, sorry about that... but I can't figure out why something you launch in terminal won't launch from startup.

conky usually needs a delayed start to function correctly after system boot
and conky command has a time-delay option for that

-p, --pause=SECS pause for SECS seconds at startup before doing anything

suggest edit startup item for conky (~/.config/autostart/conky.desktop) to

Exec=/usr/bin/conky -p5

for a 5 second delay

system with HDD may need longer delay to start correctly
SSD system may be ok with shorter delay time

If you're using i3, why not call conky from there?

For me:

exec --no-startup-id /home/merell/.local/bin/start_conky



conky -c /home/merell/.config/conky/conky.conf &&
sleep 5
conky -c /home/merell/.config/conky/conky2.conf &&
sleep 5
conky -c /home/merell/.config/conky/conky3.conf &&

exit 0

I tried some of the indicated ideas ( even installed conky-manager ) but I think my problem is not related to conky startup specific ....

by checking the ~/.config/autostart/ dir I have different entries from listed in the "XFCE Settings - Session Startup Menu" ...

In the "Session Startup" interface I have several entries which I do not need and unable to change or edit or delete ...
Where are those entries coming from ?
I though they were present as *.desktop files in the autostart dir ....

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