Conky thread, show your work!

Carrying on from the old forum:

If you attach a screen shot, please include the Conky config file you used to create your masterpiece.

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I'd like to thank the multitude of conky users I've pinched the following mangled code from:

conky.config = {
	alignment = 'top_right',
	background = true,
	border_width = 1,
	cpu_avg_samples =  2,
	default_color = '88BBFF',
	color0  ='0077FF',
	color1 = '888888',
	default_outline_color = '0077FF',
	default_shade_color = '0077FF',
	double_buffer = true,
	draw_borders = false,
	draw_graph_borders = true,
	draw_outline = false,
	draw_shades = false,
	gap_x = 15,
	gap_y = 65 ,
	maximum_width = 210,
    minimum_height = 690,
    maximum_width = 200,
	max_port_monitor_connections = 64,
	max_user_text = 16384,
	net_avg_samples = 2,
	no_buffers = true,
	out_to_console = false,
	wm_class_name = 'Conky',
	own_window_colour = 'black',
	own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager',
	own_window_transparent = true,
	own_window_type = 'normal',
	own_window = true,
	stippled_borders = 2,
	update_interval = 2,
	uppercase = false,
	use_spacer = 'left',
	use_xft = true,
	xftalpha = 0.8,
	--font  = 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:size=9',
	font  = 'Droid Sans Mono:size=9',
	--font  = 'monospace:size=8'
conky.text = [[
#${font URW Gothic Book:style=Bold:size=24}${color1}${alignc}${time %H:%M:%S}
${font League Gothic:size=36}${color1}${alignc}${time %H:%M}
${voffset -36}${font League Gothic:size=14}${alignc}${time  %a %d %B %Y}
${color0}${alignc}$sysname $kernel
${alignc}${machine} @ $freq(MHz)
${voffset -32}
${color0}All  :$color ${cpu cpu0}%$alignr${exec sensors | grep 'Core 0' | cut -c16-22 | sed '/^$/d'}
${color0}${cpugraph cpu0 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}Core1:$color ${cpu cpu1}%$alignr${exec sensors | grep 'Core 1' | cut -c16-22 | sed '/^$/d'}
${color0}${cpugraph cpu1 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}Core2:$color ${cpu cpu2}%$alignr${exec sensors | grep 'Core 2' | cut -c16-22 | sed '/^$/d'}
${color0}${cpugraph cpu2 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}Core3:$color ${cpu cpu3}%$alignr${exec sensors | grep 'Core 3' | cut -c16-22 | sed '/^$/d'}
${color0}${cpugraph cpu3 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}Core4:$color ${cpu cpu4}%$alignr${exec sensors | grep 'Core 4' | cut -c16-22 | sed '/^$/d'}
${color0}${cpugraph cpu4 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}GPU${alignr}${execi 10 nvidia-smi -q -d TEMPERATURE | awk '/GPU Current Temp/ {print $5}'} °C
${color0}RAM: $color$memperc%$alignr$mem${color0}/${color}$memmax

${color0}Down: $color${downspeed enp4s0}$alignr${totaldown enp4s0}
${color0}${downspeedgraph enp4s0 18,200 0077ff 0077ff}
${color0}Up:   $color${upspeed enp4s0}$alignr${totalup enp4s0}
${color0}${upspeedgraph enp0s25 18,210 0077FF 0077ff}
${color0}/$alignr$color${fs_used /}${color0}/$color${fs_size /}
${color0}${fs_bar 5,200 /}
${color0}/home$alignr$color${fs_used /home}${color0}/$color${fs_size /home}
${color0}${fs_bar 5,200 /home}
${color0}/var$alignr$color${fs_used /var}${color0}/$color${fs_size /var}
${color0}${fs_bar 5,200 /var}
${voffset 5}${font Droid Sans:style=Bold:size=8}SWP${font}${goto 40}Swap: ${font Droid Sans:style=Bold:size=8}${swapperc}%${font}
${voffset 4}${offset 1}${voffset -7}${swapbar 4,200}
${voffset 1}${goto 20}Free: ${font Droid Sans:style=Bold:size=8}$swapmax${font} ${goto 80}    Used: ${font Droid Sans:style=Bold:size=8}$swap${font}

${color0}Read: $color${diskio_read}$alignr${color0}Write: $color${diskio_write}
${color0}${diskiograph /dev/sda 18,200 0077FF 0077ff}

$color${top name 1}$alignr${top cpu 1}
$color${top name 2}$alignr${top cpu 2}
$color${top name 3}$alignr${top cpu 3}
$color${top name 4}$alignr${top cpu 4}
$color${top name 5}$alignr${top cpu 5}
$color${top name 6}$alignr${top cpu 6}
$color${top name 6}$alignr${top cpu 7}
$color${top_mem name 1}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 1}
$color${top_mem name 2}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 2}
$color${top_mem name 3}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 3}
$color${top_mem name 4}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 4}
$color${top_mem name 5}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 5}
$color${top_mem name 6}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 6}
$color${top_mem name 7}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 7}

Font is League Gothic


my goto :trident:


If I am in Manjaro XFCE, I just need to install conky and use your config? or do I need to make some change?
My resolution of monitor is 1920*1080 btw

no changes needed, use it on xfce.

thks, really beautiful conky

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After I install conky, it works, but when I reboot the system, my conky will show like this;

how can I fix it

You have to make the following changes too. Common sense.

  1. install the 'dungeon' font i provided the link to.

  2. Change the hard drive section with your own mount points
    ${voffset 10}Root$alignr$color2${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}$color ${fs_bar 3,200 /} Home$alignr$color2${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home}$color ${fs_bar 3,200 /home} myDisk1$alignr$color2${fs_used /mnt/myDisk1}/${fs_size /mnt/myDisk1}$color ${fs_bar 3,200 /mnt/myDisk1} myDisk2$alignr$color2${fs_used /mnt/myDisk2}/${fs_size /mnt/myDisk2}$color ${fs_bar 3,200 /mnt/myDisk2}

  3. Change the network section with your own network devices
    ${voffset 10}E: Down $color2${downspeedf enp7s0}KiB${alignr}${upspeedf enp7s0}KiB$color Up W: Down $color2${downspeedf wlp4s0}KiB${alignr}${upspeedf wlp4s0}KiB$color Up

  4. Finally, change your location code for weather info . Go to
    ${voffset 10}Kolkata (IN)${alignr}${weather VECC weather weather 60},${weather VECC temperature temperature 60}°C

And most importantly, delay your conky by 10 seconds or so. It doesn't play well with xfdesktop. Startup command is
sh -c "sleep 10s && conky -c $HOME/.conkyrc"


Thks, but for the weather, the link you give to me I can not find any code in that site, my current location is Paris France


it works!!!! love u!!!:heart_eyes:

${voffset 10}Paris (FR)${alignr}${weather LFPB weather weather 60},${weather LFPB temperature temperature 60}°C

here in weather, it just shows the temperature, it doesn't show the weather, is there some thing wrong here?


I noticed here

                    weather - 

                <p>Any relevant weather event (rain, snow,
                etc.). This is not used if you are querying the
       site since this data is aggregated
                into the cloud_cover one</p>

It means I need to change the "weather" to "cloud_cover" right?

Please "reply as linked topic" next time, this thread is only to scrot and gist your conkyrc ( @Orajnam add this line to your post#1 :slight_smile: ) .
If an op could please chop-off from post#5 Conky thread, show your work!
down to #15 and link it to new thread, that'll be great. @eugen-b @jonathon gratitude in advance.

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Okay, I'll be attention to it next time.

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Here is my assets for the conky, this is not my creation it is from here:
Desktop screenshot here: Juicy July (2016) Screenshots

conky.config = {

alignment = 'top_right',
gap_x = 25,
gap_y = 15,
background = yes,
update_interval = 1.0,
cpu_avg_samples = 2,
net_avg_samples = 2,
override_utf8_locale = true,
double_buffer = true,
no_buffers = true,
text_buffer_size = 2048,
temperature_unit = 'celsius',
own_window = true,
own_window_type = 'override',
own_window_transparent = true,
own_window_class = 'Conky',
border_inner_margin = 0,
border_outer_margin = 0,
minimum_height = 200,
  minimum_width = 50,
maximum_width = 200,
draw_shades = false,
draw_outline = false,
draw_borders = false,
draw_graph_borders = false,
use_xft = true,
font = 'Bitstream Vera Sans:size=8',
xftalpha = 0.5,
uppercase = false,
default_color = 'FFFFFF',
color2 = '2ECC71',
lua_load = '/usr/share/conky/clock_rings_green.lua',
lua_draw_hook_pre = 'clock_rings'


conky.text = [[
${voffset 8}$color2${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=16}${time %A}$font
${voffset -8}$alignr$color${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=38}${time %e}$font
$color${voffset -30}$color${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=18}${time %b}$font
${voffset -3} $color${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=20}${time %Y}$font$color2$hr
${voffset -17}${image /usr/share/icons/logo_green.png -p 69,116 -s 60x74}

Use the search function on to find your desired four letter city codes and replace "LOWW" and "KDET" in the next lines:

${voffset 162}${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=10}${alignr}Sydney
${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=12}$color$alignr${weather YSSY temperature temperature 15} °C

${goto 20}${voffset -50}$font${cpu cpu0}%
$color2${goto 20}CPU
$color${goto 45}${voffset 23}$mem
$color2${goto 45}RAM

uncomment and activate in /usr/share/conky/clock_rings_grey.lua to display swap usage:

${color}${goto 70}${voffset 23}${swapperc}%

${color2}${goto 70}Swap

$color${goto 70}${voffset 24}${fs_used_perc /}%
$color2${goto 70}Disk

$color${goto 95}${voffset 24}${downspeed enp3s0}
$color${goto 95}${upspeed enp3s0}
$color2${goto 95}Lan

$color${goto 120}${voffset 11}${downspeed wlp2s0}
$color${goto 120}${upspeed wlp2s0}
$color2${goto 120}Wlan

${voffset 10}${color2}uptime: $color$uptime_short

${voffset 15}${color2}processes${offset 6}$color $running_processes / $processes${goto 127}${color2}CPU${alignr 8}RAM

${voffset 7}${top name 1} ${goto 115}$color${top cpu 1}%
$color2${top name 2} ${goto 115}$color${top cpu 2}%
$color2${top name 3} ${goto 115}$color${top cpu 3}%
$color2${top name 4} ${goto 115}$color${top cpu 4}%

${voffset 7}$color2${top_mem name 1}$alignr$color${top_mem mem_res 1}
$color2${top_mem name 2}$alignr$color${top_mem mem_res 2}
$color2${top_mem name 3}$alignr$color${top_mem mem_res 3}
$color2${top_mem name 4}$alignr$color${top_mem mem_res 4}

${voffset 15}$color2$font$alignr${execi 5000 whoami}@$nodename

to display arch uncomment:

${color2}${font Bitstream Vera Sans:size=8}${alignr}kernel: $color${kernel} $machine

to display distribution-details uncomment:

$alignr$color${execi 5000 awk -F= '/TION/ {print $2}' /etc/lsb-release |sed 's/"//g'} {execi 5000 awk -F= '/EASE=/ {printf $2" "} /NAME/ {print $2}' /etc/lsb-release}[/quote][details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


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