Connect to broadcom wifi pci card

---I have just installed Manjaro to an old Dell D620 when I loaded in safe mode prior to install it connected to my broadcom wifi pci but ever since installing it. It won't recognize the card. I would like some help as I can't proram! so I don't understand it. If someone could advise what copy and paste it would be very helpful I have it running with a usb dongle at the moment. I have tried to install additional drivers but there is too many.

Start with this:

If the above post does not resolve your issue then post the outputs from these commands:

inxi - Fxzc0


Please run the commands after restarting your computer with the USB dongle disconnected. Do not connect the dongle until after you have run the commands.

Hi Thanks I went to add remove and deleted all the broadcom showing and rebooted. It connected OK so resolved thanks

Excellent, please mark your thread solved: :smile:

Hey, but was mine as solution when is YOUR solution @tbg ? :slight_smile: This should be credited to you, not to me ... maybe there is a way in the forum to add the solution to the original poster somehow ??? Would be quite cool to have that.

The OP credited me with the solution Bogdan. I changed the solution to you. You were the first one to respond with the correct suggestion therefore I figured it should be you who got credit.

No worries my friend the important thing is the issue was resolved. I get uptight about people robbing others of credit with the self solve. Otherwise it is of no matter. You work really hard on this forum you deserve a lot of credit.

All the best, and thanks for thinking of me.

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