Connect to WiFi in Manjaro using Broadcom adapter.

You don't even have the headers installed for your current kernel. Did you not read the error messages telling you that the headers are not installed.

I don't waste peoples time asking to do things that are unnecessary. Everything I've asked you to do is necessary to get this adapter working.

The bcm43142 is a very difficult card to get working at all. If you do not follow the exact steps I have given you it is unlikely you will get this adapter working. Even following the proper steps often will not get satisfactory performance from this broadcom card. This adapter has the worst installation success rate of almost any adapter with Manjaro.

You have all the directions in my tutorial in great detail on what to do. If you choose to ignore my directions and will not post confirmations and outputs when requested that is your prerogative. My prerogative is to not waste my time with intransigent users who frustrate my every effort to help.

You are disregarding the procedures that I have laid out with painstaking details in my tutorial. You are not posting outputs or confirmations that I have requested when I ask for them. My patience is pretty exhausted already for working on this issue further.

Good luck getting your adapter working.

Okay first of all, I have done all the steps in your tutorials.

Second, I HAVE installed the headers for my kernel. Still I get that error. Thus I reported back.

Third, not everyone has a free life. I am a student and I have to study as well. I can't do this work 24/7. I am just asking you what to do beforehand so that I can work when I have time. That explains the "Not posting inputs/outputs" as soon as you tell me to.

It is still your choice wether you want to help me or not......

I will post the outputs a few hours later.

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