Connecting to a website

I keep ending up with some applicaiton, maybe okular or thunderbird, spinning out of controll, trying to reopen a link through the browser, over and over until all the resources are used up.

I'm sick of rebooting my desktop, which I've done more now in the last 3 months than in the entire last 20 year. And I can not track down this bug. Any clue as to what is going on?

Sounds odd. If I didnt know any better I'd suspect nefarious things.

Can you be more specific ?
You click a link and then it activates 9870 times ? Does the link matter ? Or it happens to all links in all browsers ? Or it happens unprompted ?
Please walk us through an activation/observation of the behaviour.

It doesn't matter the link and I'm not exactly sure of the program doing this or if it a class of programs using a freedesktop component.

the nefarious thing is over engineering, IMO

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