Constant wait cursor on desktop and applications bar (Manjaro Deepin)


I recently changed my desktop enviroment to Deepin (I like it a lot).
I just have a little problem that is whenever I put the mouse pointer on either the desktop or the applications bar, the cursor changes to the "waiting" one, even there's no application running.

How can I fix this?

Greetings and thanks in regard.

I am having this problem too. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

Same problem here.
Usually a restart fixes it, but then it comes back apparently at random times :confused:

Can you check whether you throw something in the trash and emit it solves the problem? If so you can write a simple script that creates / removes the file and clears the recycle bin and then add such a script to autostart

I've never seen this behaviour. It would be great to find out when the cursor switches to 'busy' mode. We just need a little more information and ideally a way to reproduce this, then I can create an issue on Deepin's github.

In linux I am too weak to come up with what causes this error - i just know how to fix it but if you want i can give you remote access to my computer eg by teamviever after starting up the computer when the cursor is going to spin and maybe you will get what it causes on my computer

Thank you but I'd have no idea where to start looking for the cause of this... :wink:
I've asked the Deepin guys.

Just for my two cents worth, I started experiencing this too. To add another twist, I have a dual extended monitor. My main monitor shows the busy cursor only on the open desktop background, not in any application window. Also, the cursor is normal on my extended desktop, it only shows as busy on the main one.

Screenfetch enclosed:

i am also having this issue after updating, i hope there will be a fix for this. :expressionless:

I think in the link above there's a fix for the busy cursor.
They explain i think is that you have to disable startupnotify in the autostart of pamac or something. You can check the link that oberon left :wink:

UPDATE:Some people have confirmed in the oberon's link that commenting the startupnotify line in pamac-tray.desktop fixes the busy icon issue.
Joksik said that it was located in /etc/xdg/autostart
I cant confirm it because i dont use deepin(sadly) so you will have to try out.

I tried to disable window effects somehow the problem went away about the busy mouse cursor and as well as changing resolution on my second monitor because my second monitor turns off when i change the resolution, this problems persist after updating.

Totally missed the link, I'll try that fix tonight when I get home and confirm.

tried the above solution (link to deepin guys from @oberon) and it worked perfectly well I was able to enable the windows effect, I also changed my graphic driver to proprietary driver and i was able to change my resolution without any problem though the nvidia logo shows up on before going to login screen but i was able to find a solution for that. I am patiently waiting for the manjaro deepin new version and i really love this.

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