Containerised Manjaro

hi there,

Recently there is more news about containers and how great they are.
There is Qubes OS, Fedora Core etc and I can't make my mind if integrating containers in desktop OS is a good thing.
Is there Manjaro that utilise this? Does it serve any benefit to a desktop user?
I know I can install Docker (there is even a tutorial about this) I know I could run Manjaro in a container.

But would it make sense to put all programs in containers? (web browser, IDE, Office, Window Manager and so on?)

what do you think?

can you run Arch in a container ?

No Manjaro edition comes with a container runtime or containerised applications.

All editions support containers using whatever runtime you'd like (nspawn, Docker, podman, Flatpak, Snap, ...).

Generally no. They are useful in

However, containers are very useful for server-side deployments and for development.

There are multiple threads about container options, e.g. Does anyone actually use snaps? so please try to keep this topic away from already-discussed items.

If it moves into the same sort of discussions then it will be closed.

Fair warning. :wink:


Yes there is an arch base in docker

Here is the github url

and you can do a chroot ?

Not really a fan of container apps.
I see the use for servers but I'm not convinced of their usefulness in desktops.

Give me a well maintained repo and AUR and I'm a happy girl.

One thing that I find a mild annoyance with snaps is the loops it creates. Every app creates one. It annoys my OCD. :wink:


I use docker for several things such as running my plex server. As for running everything in a container like the Qubes OS, it is arguably more secure but you pay a price in usability. From a development perspective the nice thing about containers is you have a SET environment that is completely portable so it runs the same regardless of the hardware you place it on (or for that matter the Operating system running on the host computer).

So in the example of my plex server running on docker, I can install that on my manjaro desktop, my macbook pro running macos or on a Windows system running Windows 7 and the container would run exactly the same in each of those environments.


At least with Docker look at it is more of a virtual machine without the overhead a virtualmachine requires.

Docker's website can explain better what it is than I can lol.

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podman provides an even lower overhead than Docker. It's pretty cool.


Cool, I'll have to check it out. Learn something new everyday on the manjaro forums!

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Hi Jonathon

I didn't want to be a nuisance. Apologies I could not find this as a separate topic.
I found other scenarios but not one as this one. But I do understand your point.

thanks :slight_smile:

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Not to worry - that note wasn't aimed specifically at you but everyone else who might reply and then take the discussion back over things which have already been discussed (almost to death).


Exactamundo. I discovered this horror myself back when i ran Maui [b4 oS TW, b4 Manjaro] & as well as [IIRC] not respecting my theming, i regarded this spawning endless loops as extreme bad manners... soon afterwards i banished Snaps forever.


Totally OT... i love your new Manjaro-barcoded avatar's forehead, & the not quite as new but still way cool Krysten Ritter gif... i'm guessing that was before she gained Powers? :upside_down_face:

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I'm sure there's a perfectly technical reason it does this. However, me no likey. It's a trivial thing to be sure but as you mentioned throw not respecting themes and it becomes a bother.
Flatpaks seem to behave themselves over all but I have other issues with them that have been discussed in other threads to death.

Completely totally OT

Thank you. She's from Zootopia (Judy Hopps). Worth a watch if you enjoy animated movies. | Indeed it is before Krysten got her powers (Jessica Jones is my spirit animal). I think it's from Don't trust the B.... in apt B. I think.
Like the new look on your profile as well. Quite adorable. :wink:

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A YouTube video deconstructing the film completely spoiled it for me before i saw it and made me view it and all similar films with a much more sceptical and jaded perspective. Dammit.

Apartment 23.

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  1. Oops, thanks for the correction. :smiley:
    I actually don't watch a lot of OTA tv. It's mostly netflix and such. So I've never actually seen it.

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. it's a very fun movie. Not sure what the deconstruction said but I know there was a lot of talk about the messages in the movie. Mostly about a few 'isms.

I was gonna make a further OT post, that would have added no value to the OP whatsoever, but on reflection i decided that would be pure self-indulgence & in fact i should be a better person, ergo, i finally decided to not post anything at all. Um, errrr, whoops... :crazy_face:


I saw in a kubuntu IRC channel that apparmor makes it more difficult to run docker containers. I know I won't be running real docker workloads on my Manjaro laptops, but I have played with docker on Manjaro in the past. Has anything changed post-apparmor?

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