Contributing to Pamac Qt

Hi all,
I'd like to help with Pamac Qt development. But I cannot find a way to contribute code to pamac-qt repository. I logged in to Manjaro GitLab using account but it still doesn't let me to fork the repository and make merge request. Next I requested access to Applications group at It was > 12 hours ago, but I still got no any answer and cannot create a merge request.
Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, can you please help me with this?

Thank you.

All users without a email are automatically tagged as external users without commit rights. Since we have our gitlab instance self-hosted, we are also fully responsible for any code hosted there. We are about to create mirrors on github again so the wider community can participate better.

@LordTermor will most likely start on Monday to pick up the development where he left of ...

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So it looks like you don't need any help in development of Manjaro. I'm not asking for permissions to directly commit to the repository, I just want a way to create a merge request so then maintainers/developers will review it and either merge if it is good or close if it is inappropriate.
To be honest it is first open-source project I encounter that makes impossible or hard to contribute code for any proficient developer. I think ability to contribute code by anyone is one of the things that drives open-source world.


I suggest to open a GitHub repo in mirroring mode . @LordTermor can handle here the commit and any merge was automatically reflected on our gitlab instance.. do you think @philm

Gitlab ui has a button in menu on the left to request access. If you request developer access, you can make a branch and merge requests to the master branch. It's a bit more hassle than in github, but not difficult.

The only place I found to request access is on the screenshot below. And it is already requested.


in project not folder (bur create account before)

Members section in the sidebar of the repo @papajoke linked

Every external user has zero projects so even a merge request is not possible. I can check later to adjust your account @codesnake

Yes, correct, there are no any links/buttons to request access in members section of the project. And I cannot fork existing or create new project.

? after create account and login, you not have a link beside project title "request acces" ?

Exists a gitlab subject

It's a little too much ! not exists a access for only clone and PR but not merge ? Reporter is enough ?

I don't see the link to request access:
Maybe I'm blind :slight_smile:

That project has no access request activated...

Gitlab has different terminology. Merge request is equilevant to github PR. Developer access does not let you merge anything to master, only to make merge requests.

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