Cooler Master RBG Controller?

Does Manjaro Linux have a rgb controller for Cooler Master Fans? I was gifted some case fans and heatsink, however I can't seem to find a way to control the lights and they just keep on their rainbow cycle. Is there a way to control them to get them to one color or turn lights off? The software is available on Windows but I don't see anything for Linux.

Basically, no. There are a couple of open source utilities in the AUR but they're reverse engineered, only work with specific boards and are very much use at your own risk. Take this one for MSI boards for example, or OpenRGB which I've not tried. So far as I know none of the major first party manufacturers support addressable RGB on Linux.

You could probably grab a hardware RGB controller cheap enough though, Cooler Master make a few.

If OpenRBG doesn't work I will just pick one up. Thanks!

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