CoreApps v2.8 Released with a lots of New features and less depends


After a 4 months of development we are happy to present more lighter CoreApps v2.8.
So much work done to make the libs lighter, lots of code clean up and New features



From now on we rename CoreApps to C Suite.

There are some core features that makes them great. Some are listed here.

  • All the apps are light with lesser dependencies and uses less ram.
  • All the apps can run in low resource device like Raspberry pi and device with out hardware acceleration like postmarketos devices.
  • Bookmark support across the all apps makes your important files in one place(CorePins).
  • All the apps are touch-friendly and suitable Phablet and Tablet and we are working towards that.
  • Apps use the precious vertical screen real estate properly. Shows what you need, use the screen on the items what’s matter to user.
  • We introduced a feature called "Session" in CoreStuff app. You can select some apps and with file & give a name to make a session. Then double click the session , it will open the apps with the selected file.
  • All the search you done will be saved. Also you just double click that Search activity it will show the result from that folder which you searched couple of days ago in CoreHunt.
  • Activities in CoreStuff will show all the app you opened with the file. Just double click that, it will restore the app with that file you working with couple of days ago. Don't worry you can clear the both SEARCH & RECENT ACTIVITIES.

So here we present the new features and changes we did for v2.8.

  • Now user will see a separate category only on appSeletionDialog named C Suite.
  • Shareit now supports 3rd party plugins.
  • Rewrote the system notification backend, now it's more responsive.
  • CoreTime, Added date support in reminder and Alarm now Rings in time using tray.
  • CoreGarage, Added restore default settings option and other ui fixes.
  • CorePDF, Fixed user need to add the extension when saving the image. And Save page is now in thread, so app won't freeze.
  • CoreToppings, New repo to host additional things for c suit.
  • New search and volume control and weather widget. And improved Calendar widget with international holiday and reminder events.
  • CoreFM, Reduced the startup lag and Removed large gaps between items.
  • CorePlayer, Stopped the development.
  • CoreImage, Fixed slidshow exit shortcut also starting the slidshow and image navigation going reverse. Now shows zoom scale.
  • CoreShot, Now user won't lost the taken shot if the saved path or editor is not set, Fixed shot preview window can't be resize and Replaced clipboard button with shearit
  • CoreStuff, Added power dialog, support for vertical screen and removed app mode.
  • CoreKeyboard, Fixed "fixed mode" movement bug and keyboard and key height is too small.

If you have any postmarketOS devices, you can use CoreApps there.
PINEPHONE users also can use the CoreApps via postmarketOS.


For more check out the full Release Notes and ChangeLogs.

Please consider reporting bugs in Gitlab issues.

Download packages for Arch from here.

Thank you very much
@Librewish for testing and taking this beautiful screenshots.
@spikerguy for testing in pmos, pinehone and manjaro arm.
@Strit for making package for Manjaro-ARM and adding this apps to AUR.

We have a Matrix group. Chat with us in IRC/Matrix

And visit our website CuboCore.


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this is the new CoreKeyboard changes. hopefully it helps.

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If any one wondering how it performs in small and low powered device, please watch this videos.

If any one waant to use the CoreApps in Debian Sid using deb packages then use this ones here

Also you can use the AppImages any distro you want. No need to install. Just Download them and make them executable, that's it.

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Please join this room in IRC to give your feedback to CoreApps developers

Guys if anyone wants to install the CoreApps in Chrome books flow this tutorial in this video.

and the appimages

So why the rename from CoreApps to C Suite? C Suite sounds more like a C Programmers IDE then a Application Suite.

Anyway this is the first time I've heard of CoreApps. I'll check it out.

Because it is short form. C means CoreApps.
Be sure to give us feedback. Helps us a lot.

As an user giving feedback is at lest we can do as a FOSS user.
Just using the app for the first time and got fustrated about some bugs or feature and uninstalling them will not help any one.
Let the developer know the bugs or feature not working or what makes you not to use the apps. This will help the development.


Needs a Meta Package to install the whole thing.

in AUR?

Well it has to moved over to to the Repos proper from AUR, but yes.

I asked the manajro maintainer a copule of times like @jonathon but no response there.

but i ported them in ALPINE( i know, no one cares) and @Strit in Manjaro ARM.

But in AUR @Strit can make a meta package AS he helped to port in AUR.

Need to be popular i guess like gnome or kde. :wink:

I have created a package group for it, which works when the packages are in the repo.

Obviously package groups won't work with AUR packages, but I don't think meta packages are allowed in the AUR.

A person responding to themselves, even in a post is not a good sign at all. :rofl:

Just Kidding.

Happy 2 years of CoreApps. We started with CoreBox at 15 Feb in 2018. Now we are growing Thanks to you guys. :hugs: :hugs:


A new design of cubocore website. Check it out CuboCore Website.

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CoreApps v2.9 released for your PC and Mobile


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