Corrupted file Manjaro XFCE 17.0.1

I downloaded the new ISO Manjaro XFCE 17.0.1 made a bootable CD just fine. Installed with no problems. Reboot after install and run updates, It said corrupted file of some sort. Will not install updates and wont open anything at this point.

Can you get into a tty (ctrl+alt+f2 etc), if so try:

I cant even open the terminal to do anything. Right now im on another HDD that I have for problems like this. Ill try again and ill try you recommendation...TY...

The new ISO installs fine but after the reboot and install updates, thats when it pops a box up that says corrupted file and something else....I hope I explained it correct

Well if it is a new install, reinstall, post the error messages here, the 15-20 minutes it takes to reinstall is probably less than the effort it will take to fix it.

Update the new install -
Post the error messages.

Update from a terminal:

sudo pacman -Syyu

This gives better access to the errors, copy and paste them from the terminal.

Ok im going to go try what you said...Ill try to post results here after im done...thanks for your help.....I hope there isnt something wrong with the new ISO.

I am going to bed, got training tomorrow :frowning: so got to get up really early.

Ok good night. Well it worked. Install do not reboot, run updates through terminal install yaourt and everything seems to be good...thanks for you help. Im really liking this Manjaro. Im a newbie about 3 weeks now. Finally gave up Microcrap Windows..

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Hmm. v17.0.1 includes all updates. Be more specific what the issue is. Maybe share a screenshot. Also check if the ISOs are valid with sha1sum *.iso:

phil@manjaro /var/cache/manjaro-tools/iso/manjaro/xfce/17.0.1 $ cat *sha1
f4edae3c4fa4e22121ffbd14de89de0e287dd779  manjaro-xfce-17.0.1-stable-i686.iso
5d093986fa0abd54af48ce7912a9a5edfd37dc45  manjaro-xfce-17.0.1-stable-x86_64.iso

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