Corrupted grub

I updated my system and accidently powered my laptop off. When I try to boot the system normaly, the Acer logo pops up, disapears and then shows up again repeatedly. When I tried to fx it with a live medium, I get the the message "error: unknown filesystem" and the grub rescue command line satrts. When I list the partitions with ls, I get (hd0) and (hd1), but when i try to list them I get the message "Filesystem is unknown". I fear that the bootloader got corrupted and I dont know how to repair it. I tried to reinstall the hole OS, because I dont have important data stored on it, but I cant. The live medium emediatly jumps into rescue mode.

Sorry for the poor grammar, English is not my strength.

Then grub is not corrupted as the ttitle mistakenly says.

I suggest you do a reset on your BIOS/UEFI, check your laptop's manual or vendor's support on how to reset.
It could be the opposite (just thinking aloud), BIOS was reset and needs some setup, like AHCI or other... which I strongly doubt (myself... :upside_down_face:).

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I am not that sofisticated, so thanks for mentioning the mistake. I am gonna try what you suggested, but I am still wondering where the error lies. Thank you though for the reply :slight_smile:

Since a LiveISO is read-only, its grub is probably not corrupted, that's all :man_shrugging:.
Then it seems a firmware corruption/collapse(?).
Resetting BIOS should not be harmful anyway :wink:

If it is just the bootloader, then use this first post.. It is easier.

But it can be other issues as you powered off while updating.
Then you will need to chroot, complete the update and fix whatever needed to be fixed.


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