Could you advise me a browser that works with Flash Player?

I need a browser that works with the pepper-flash / flash plugin ( I have to follow some webinars and the site's platform is ridiculously outdated)

Brave browser from Manjaro's repos seems don't recognize pepper-flash

Probably most of them but Firefox definitely works.

You will have to click the little block in the address bar to allow flash on the site.


I am not sure if it uses flashplugin or pepper-flash because I have both installed.

What about Falkon, or other not-GTK stuff?
I use KDE on my laptop

Of course, I'll use Firefox if it's the only option

I am not sure why it matters if you use kde or not but....sure falkon also works.

The URL in my screenshot above is Adobe's flash test page so you should be able to go there in any browser.

I would try to make a configuration that is absolutely GTK-free on this machine.

I'll try Falkon, thank you! Cheers !

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Umm....brave, the browser you mentioned earlier is gtk....... :wink:

My fault (I tried it only on XFCE)
Definitively, I'll use Falkon at this run :wink:

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