Cover internet tracks with lots of other tracks

What do you adepts think?


Turn up the music, turn on the shower, and flush the toilet...just in case your place has been bugged. :speaking_head:

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Use a warned though, that proxy could get overloaded so you cannot get anythng loaded...

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Yep I do feel like Don Quixote theses days. This noiszy approach eats some bandwidth . And The assurance:


We will never sell or give away your information, to anyone.

I always wonder at ... How much "security" is really Phishing?

The advice " never publish any thing anywhere on line unless you would put it on Facebook! " Is sage addvice because you will ware it about your neck beyond the grave.

Thanks for the suggestion, a good one.

Happy trails...

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We needs a browser extension that redirects NSA-type traffic to PornHub or wherever...


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