Create a hidden OS for Manjaro

I am well aware that it is possible to create a hidden OS for Windows using VeraCrypt, but I wanted to create a hidden OS partition for Manjaro 64 bit. Is there any kinds of software available that can create hidden OS for GNU/Linux?

If you mean encrypted, then yes.

Yes it does involve encryption, but with VeraCrypt when wanting to create a hidden OS for Windows, then you provide two passwords, one for the outer container, one for the inner container. The outer container is the decoy and the inner is where the real OS is located. Unfortunately VeraCrypt does not support GNU/Linux in terms of creating hidden OS (for some reason) so I was wondering if there was an alternative?

There was a thread about last year that you might search for. At the time, the answer was there was not a way to hide it entirely. I am not sure if things have changed since then.

I will check that out thanks mate.

The project referenced was this one ...

Not sure if it is still being developed though, 0 contributions in the last year.

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And I think OP was the author of that post too :wink:

I think what you are looking for can be done with Kali

This post is about Raspberry Pi but I am sure the skilled hacker can do it with any system.

Just don't ask about Kali Linux in this forum.

I don't think I used this forum last year.

Oh, not too interested with Kali but I found something on the Internet, its got to do with deluks, have you heard of it before? I think so you can use it to somewhat create a hidden partition.

Lol won't even bother with that OS.

Oh - please forgive - I have confused myself.

Oh lol all good.

Thanks for the link, may I suggest if it can be implemented deluks?

See your previous thread, same answer I will presume.

THanks for letitng me know.

@jonathon Hey man, I was wondering how would I get started with deluks as I am not very techinical over here. Would I first install Manjaro and then install deluks?

Why are you asking me personally?

Then you probably shouldn't be messing around with creating a "hidden OS".

Cause I thought you would know?

That is why I plan to test this out in a VM.

OK, so everyone who posts a thread should ask me directly because I might know the answer to every question? That's not the way a forum works, and it's a bit of an imposition.

OK, great, so you'll be doing some research and expecting a lot of trial-and-error.

What's your goal?

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