Create a uefi win10 bootable usb

Guys i recently installed manjaro on my laptop and i have a desktop too running on win10. Yesterday when i reset the remix os installed on my pc it resetted the whole C:/ partition including win10. Now i wanna create an uefi win10 usb to reinstall win10 on my pc. I used both SUSE & Multi Writer but they don't give any option to create an uefi. Can somebody guide me to solve this. I was unable to install woeusb or rufus on manjaro :frowning_face:

Plz help :frowning:

woeusb is in AUR. Did you try:

pamac build woeusb

Also, take a look at this guide:

YesScreenshot_2020-05-11_20-44-31 but have no idea about this :3 Gonna try ventoy & CLI method. But does it create an uefi bootable?

It looks like you answered "yes" when it asked if you wanted to edit the PKGBUILD. You can just exit out.

Screenshot_2020-05-11_21-11-50 Didn't notice that. Thank You :*


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