Create desktop-specific tutorial categories for official and community editions?

I feel like it's more difficult to find a a solution specific for a desktop environment simply by browsing because all of the tutorials are lumped in a single topic. The present Tutorial category can stay as a general-purpose container with solutions for all things Manjaro, but especially for community editions, I feel like it would improve the end-user browsing experience if there were tutorial sections for each variation of Manjaro which exists as an officially-recognized variant acquired from

I would understand if this is too much work, this instance of Discourse would need Tutorials modified to include a new line which states to place desktop-specific entries into their respective tutorial areas and it would be self-managed by the community, but I think we can do it, and do it well.

I also understand we have the filter feature, which should mean we wouldn't need to do that, but... what user new to discourse uses them? An alternative solution may be to have @discobot say something about using filters for new end-users.

Most of the content in the tutorials category is DE agnostic.

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