Create "Virtualization" sub-forum under "Technical Issues and Assistance"

Manjaro is becoming a popular distribution for VFIO passthrough users and virtualization in general. Up-to-date packages based on Arch Linux make it a good distro to start with.

Unlike other distros (Ubuntu and Linux Mint come to mind), the Manjaro English language forum still misses a dedicated sub-forum or topic. It could be either at the top-level or inside "Technical Issues and Assistance".

As you know, the German language sub-forum already includes a "Virtualisierung" topic.

I think that increasing the awareness of virtualization will also help users convert from other, non-free operating systems to Linux. There are quite a few people who wish to run Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or just another Linux distro without having to reboot (dual-boot).

This "virtualization" forum would certainly be of interest to gamers (Windows), but also video editors or photographers who need their tools of the trade that aren't available under Linux.

Please consider.

P.S.: I hope to be able to contribute a Manjaro QEMU / VFIO tutorial in the near future.


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