Creating partition for windows dual boot

Yeah..... I need to run ms office for a bigger project. As it does not run on linux I want (actually I dont..) to install windows 10 as dual boot. Right now I am running linux (manjaro) single boot, so I need to create a new partition.
Right now I have no idea how to do that everything I find is about installing linux beside an existing windows system.

I found a topic which says its pretty complicated. They are saying its easier to delete the disk and install windows first, followed by creating a linux partition. Do you agree?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

PS: if this is the wrong section please move this to "Other OS".

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I suppose using LibreOffice or MS Office Online aren't good enough alternatives?
Or installing Windows in a virtual machine?

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if you use MBR/MSDOS partitioning for your drive.
If you use UEFI/GPT and $esp, it should be simple enough.

If for whatever reason you can't get Manjaro booted, use this tutorial to repair your bootloader (for grub only)


All I know from distro hopping is Mdollars must be loaded first.Then when you load Manjaro grub should make it pretty painless.When I say that will depend a lot on bios or ufei boot hope this helps.

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