Creating python application for linux


I am not sure where I should post this but I thought this one would be relevant.

So I am planning to make an application for linux using python. However not just a python program, as I know how to do that but also being able to package it up for the AUR and preferably also for Ubuntu(I am not familiar with) or any other distro.

I searched online but could not find a simple solution somewhere. I found this: However it is for ubuntu. But this would be something I would like.

Something like electron would be cool but then being able to use python.

I did found some graphical libraries like: gtk and pyqt. GTK version seems to be nice.
However I am not sure if with them I can create native applications and I want to be able to make an system tray icon menu. But maybe that is out of scope for these frameworks.

I did found an cross-platform library: kivy, which seems pretty cool but I am not sure if this is what I need. As I really only want to make an linux application.

What I am mostly looking for is an simple all in one solution which takes care of all the hard parts. :wink:
Or maybe I am thinking to difficult.

Someone advice on what to use or other things. Thank you.

There are many programs and applications written in Python in the AUR. Look at their PKGBUILD files to see how they were packaged and just copy that. :slight_smile:

DistroTube made a couple of really nice videos video for beginners on how to package stuff for the AUR:

However, you should really refer to the Arch wiki for how to do it properly (DT's videos are just a nice introduction to get the feeling for what awaits you):

Arch wiki also teaches you how to package stuff for other distros:

Also, before submitting a package, make sure to read:


the first youtube-link is broken.

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Fixed. Thanks!

Maybe python-jade-application-kit from the repos.


If you package as an AppImage it should run on a number of distros. It may be overkill if it's a small program though.

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