Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't log out, zaps Xorg. (OpenRC)

As said, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace merely kills X without restarting. While LXDM keeps running in the background, terminating it manually & restarting LXDM (whether via rc-service or directly) doesn't take me back into the Login screen. (Adding "DontZap = false" to xorg.conf shouldn't be an issue since several years, trying it merely resulted in failure to start LXDM. As I tested, it affects sddm-consolekit as well. SLiM didn't play well with OpenRC and rendered me unable to use tty1-6.
I changed nothing in /etc/inittab.)

Is this a result of misconfiguration or indeed related to OpenRC?
I used CK2 under Slackware (BSD-style init) with KDM for a while with none of such issues.

I run XFCE with OpenRC and LightDM, and CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE does bring me back to the LightDM login screen.

It works indeed with LightDM, thanks.

I'd be glad to hear if someone else already experienced & managed to solve the root of this issue.


Don't use OpenRC, but there's something here about that in /etc/X11/90-mhwd.conf, Section "InputClass":
Option "XkbOptions" "terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"
(But there's also an option in E keyboard settings box/module..)

(I'm pretty sure it is the option to enable the classic logout behaviour which is no longer the default on X since years. Since then, I've seen many distributions enabling it back again. I'm fine with LightDM for now, I only need to figure why it doesn't work with SDDM.)

Edit: Solution (lucky guess, since I had some lockups reg. latter for a major change still largely undocumented changes before):
Adding the non-working DM's user name to the input group newly introduced by (e)udev.
# useradd -aG <lxdm/sddm> input
I beg the respective OpenRC package maintainers to include that change in the future. Thanks.
SLIM requires to be recompiled for consolekit support as well in order to solve the tty accessing problem, since Arch's default package disabled ConsoleKit support entirely.

PS: In the same context, I noticed that neither LXDM nor SDDM successfully exit the session. According to bug reports, it appears to be a hardcoded issue/due to focus on systemd. The tty accessing problem in SLIM now also occurs with SDDM as well. (Just in case someone observes the same issue with SDDM. ConsoleKit support is currently only partially implemented.)


I added a link to your thread under the troubleshooting section in the wiki.


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