CTRL+Z shortcut for undo not working

I recently installed Manjaro KDE edition, and am pleased so far. However, it seems that my ctrl+z shortcut is not mapped to undo, which is quite strange. When I installed the os, I mingled with the shortcuts form the system settings menus, however, I haven't changed or overridden ctrl+z. Additionally, just to be sure, I reset all the shortcuts to default, and the same behavior existed. It is also not an application level override since the behavior is consistent on several editor apps. Do you have any idea why this might be happening? Also, is there a way to check what operation is the shortcut trying to perform, if any?

You find it in Standard Shortcuts


It is indeed there, in the Standard Shortcuts, but when I press ctrl+z in editor it doesn't undo the changes.

which editor?

In Kate you find it the same way ... Kate > Settings > Configure Shortcuts > Undo
Most applications have that by default.

@mbod @bogdancovaciu I tried it on Kate and PyCharm. Both applications have ctrl+z set as a shortcut for undo. On Kate however, when ctrl+z is pressed the colored bar beneath the file name blinks. However nothing else happens. Does this potentially mean that it registers some action? On PyCham there's nothing on the button press.

What layouts you use, do they switch globally, and is the keyboard azerty or qwerty ... ?

I use only qwerty, and the layouts do change globally, but Z is still at the same place for keyboards that I use.

Is there a way I can see what is being called instead? What action does the shortcut try to perform?

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