Cubocore Linux :- an beautiful and lightweight manjaro spin with coreapps 2.7.1 and part of lxqt with kwin window manager

this spin is especially created to showcase the coreapps
what are coreapps?

  • it is a lightweight and visually good looking suite of apps created using qt toolkit
  • all coreapps are touchscreen friendly
  • they use less resources so they can run on low spec machines

for any issue and feature request regarding coreapps

other tweaks

  • kernel 5.3
  • grub-vanilla
  • btrfs as default filesystem
  • zstd compression by default
  • automatic snapshots using timeshift-autosnap
  • various performance tweaks done by taking archwiki as referance:- systemd-swap , haveged , nohang , preload , irqbalance , performance governor as default , swappiness=5 , vm.cache pressure=50
  • no tlp
  • connman and iwd for network instead of networkmanager and wpa_supplicant
  • kwin with blur and all animations activated by default
  • dark theming so lesser strain on the eyes
  • firefox with extensions
    dark mode
    ublock origin
    https anywhere
    google search link fix
    privacy badger
    xdm browser monitor
    keepassxc browser

best free and opensource office suite by default - libreoffice-fresh
email client- thunderbird

and many more





System Requirements:

  • x86 64bit processor
  • 1gb or more ram
  • 8gb free disk space

live iso
username- cubocore
password - cubocore


So it's for tabs? Are there any gestures?

well i use it on desktop
i dont have touchscreen.
so i have not added gestures.
but you can add gestures
by install touchegg-qt5 its available in the repo
but i have provided
gestures for touchpads
using libinput-gestures.

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Mobile integration, very nice. :grinning:

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Looks great, I like the Firefox extension selection.

Does grub finally support zstd root? I've been waiting for this anxiously.

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manjaro grub does not support zstd
but grub-vanilla does


Thank you. :slight_smile:


If I now get this on my "Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 P605 2014 Edition Tablet", are this weekend is best in my live. :smiley: :slight_smile:

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impressive work bro :clap::clap::clap:

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No, more strain on the eyes to be able to see text on that dark screen.

Even if it's not exactly my cup of tea - i gotta give you credit! :+1:

Great work :slight_smile:
Very light on resources, looks beautiful, very functional...
What the hell anyone could ever need?! :yum:

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I tested the live sesssion, it's really an impressive and imaginative piece of art or work! (Which means the same in Greek - techne.)

I have several question:

  • is it possible to change the window manager or are there hard dependencies on kwin?
  • why is java running, what can I do to switch it off and what am I going to lose?

Otherwise I'm very impressed with your choice of basic system settings!


It looks interesting. Is there any documentation anywhere? I can't seem to figure out how to use anything besides the HOME tab on the dashboard.


Thanks for this. I'm running it on a uefi32 baytrail 2-in-1. It is quite snappy compared to the XFCE it replaced. HTML5 video is quite good in firefox. Also it's nice to have the 5.3 kernel that finally includes the intel workaround for the infamous baytrail cstate freeze.

All Manjaro x64 ISO's need a little hack to boot uefi32 - I've described how elsewhere.


its possible to change the kwin window manager with any other wm

no hard depends
just change the wm in lxqt-session
xdman is java app which is set to auto start
its a download manager so you can disable it

pins tab shows the pins you have in corepins

session tab is for creating session.

reminder tab shows the remainders from coretime
ask @saber for more info about coreapps

Here is the official website


Cool, I've been thinking of making a qt version of bspwm edition. I'll need to give this a spin...

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iso profile

settings package


Libinput-gestures and manjaro-zsh-settings by default is a nice touch.

How do you configure kwin outside plasma? Are kde settings tools included or do you have some other kind of system? I haven't had time to test it yet.

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