Current state of uboot + NVMe boot on the Pinebook Pro

What's the current situation with regards to booting Manjaroarm from an NVMe SSD on the Pinebook Pro? Are workarounds still required, or can I just use dd to burn the image from here to a mounted NVMe SSD, and reboot?

You would still need uboot on SPI for that to work.

The SoC's EEPROM does not know nvme at all.

I thought uboot resided on the drive or external flash storage, such as the eMMC or SD? Not on the SPI?

It usually does. But that would still require it to boot from SD or eMMC, so you are not booting from nvme.

You can have your root filesystem on the nvme, no problem. But boot partition /Uboot still needs to be on either SPI, eMMC or SD.

Is flashing uboot to the SPI a good idea?

Don't really know. I have never done it. It can be catastrophic if it gets messed up.

So, unless Pine64 release an SPI update that allows for uboot to be on the NVMe drive, it's probably a no-go?

It's not an SPI update. It's the EEPROM on the SoC, which is Rockchips to update. Problem is, they won't update it, because they just make newer SoC's instead.

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