Custom Gestures on Manjaro Gnome 20 (not working & solution)

I was surprised to see a "Gestures" program already installed and running at startup on Gnome 20 (freshly installed from 20.0.1).

But it was not working at first.

It took a while to research, but it was using as upstream lib package, right?

So after running sudo gpasswd -a $USER input and rebooting it started working.


I think this needs to run on OOBE basis, right? How can I report this bug?

I hope it helps someone else to solve custom gestures not working.

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where to find the commands to put there, specifically for "show all applications", the xdotool will not work as I am on wayland

Command for toggling overview mode is available in this post..
Adding touchpad gestures (to gnome edition)?

Thank you for reporting!

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