Custom Manjaro Error Screen


took a while to make!

And what is this good for?

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/user/bin/system certainly has problems .. considering it doesnt exist :wink:

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At least the OP did not used /user/bin/system.exe to point out the "error" :stuck_out_tongue:

sadly manjaro didnt make this!

Yep. Not very artistic, is it?

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nope it isnt lol.. i wanna ask the people who made manjaro and ask them why they didn't actually make it

Because it is not very artistic? :wink:

We have some very good art posted in Manjaroville. That isn't one of them.

That can be managed. Lets pretend i can improve the look of it :slight_smile:

What is the "Hold the del key to restart" - from where that comes from and where is defined in the system to behave like that, and "Strike f4 to go into auto recovery mode..." - where is this auto recovery tool that also detects what files are missing or corrupted, and fixes them ? From where it gets those files, from a local backup, from repositories, etc ?

timeshift-autosnap is still a thing and is in repositories too. Integrates with GRUB, it creates a Menu entry, etc... GRUB can have custom theme to look prettier :slight_smile:

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